The Participatory Media cluster is a hub for research-creation work and co-design that is concerned with questions of social justice and accessibility. We are committed tinkerers and makers who develop prototypes, devices, workshops and outreach events that bring people together through participatory methods in media creation, discussion and dissemination. The cluster is made of up four sub-clusters with a shared interest in the tangible and intangible webs that enable/restrict different bodies in terms of space, social class, citizenship, employment, and creative engagement. The cluster is also home to the alternative scholarly publication platform Wi: Journal of Mobile Media.


Ageing and Media

Morecambe Bay Sunset

This sub cluster explores the nexus between ageing and (digital) media-making. Through workshops and discussion, members of this sub cluster use participatory methods to playfully and politically “hack” ideologies of age. Our intent is to engage in intergenerational activities that challenge and disrupt the normativities of “age-appropriate behaviour.” This sub-cluster is largely funded through an SSHRC partnership grant Ageing, Communication Technologies: experiencing a digital world in later life.

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Mobile Media

Situated within the interdisciplinary field of “mobility studies”, this subcluster links researchers who are designing and protoyping geolocative software, multimedia performance events and installations that engage with urban space, critical data sonifications, visualizations and tracking initiatives. This subcluster is home to Wi: Journal of Mobile Media and the Concordia University Research Chair in Mobile Media Studies.

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Maker Culture and Disruptive Learning Technology

Making Things

This sub cluster is home to the Concordia University Research Chair in Maker Culture. It aims to create inclusive, interdisciplinary and intergenerational communities to tinker around maker-led social innovation, participatory policy making around the use of digital devices and emergent technologies in schools.

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Critical Disability Studies Working Group

David Johnson's exhibition Sculptures from the inner space, please do touch! (March 2016). Photo: Florian Grond.

This cluster not only uses participatory media methods and creative media-making strategies to document and challenge all forms of  “able-ism”. Drawing on areas such as critical disability studies and crip theory, this sub cluster is engaged in making Milieux a hub for radical experimentation with the disability arts and culture scene in Montreal- connecting our local community with international efforts. This sub cluster is involved in a two year Connexions grant with the Québec and UK governments to link Montreal disability artists and activists with Together!, an integrated disability arts organization in East London.

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