Echoes and Reflections: A Co-located Soundmapping Venture between Morecambe UK and Montreal Canada. 

Canada: Owen Chapman, Danica Evering, Helena Krobath, Félix Norton-Barsalou, Leticia Trandafir

UK: Jen Southern, Sam Thulin, Phillip Benachour, Jin Lipeng, Oliver Bradley-Baker, Rory Gordziejko, Shona Legaspi (Carmen Legaspi), Jane Dudman, Eddy Jackson, John Kingston, Catriona Stamp, Miles Doubleday Emma Young,  Alan Beattie

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Echoscape Software and manual:


Situated Nostalgia Paper (PDF) : chapman_situated_nostalgia_presentation

Situated Bike Composition –



Echoscape Performance, May 6 2016 – David Scott Gallery, Lancaster University Campus – Hosted by the Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe)