Vibe Symposium: Nov 30 – Dec 2, 2018

“VIBE: challenging ableism and audism through the arts” is a three-day international symposium, happening November 30-December 2 in Montréal, Québec, hosted by Concordia University’s Department of Communication Studies and the Critical Disability Studies Working Group (CDSWG) of the Milieux Institute’s Participatory Media Cluster.

This symposium will gather artists, activists, and academics to share differing perspectives on Deaf and disability arts, advancing the next chapter of intersections between critical disability studies, Deaf studies, the arts, and culture. We mobilize the pop culture term “vibe” to draw attention to the intensity, intimacy, and relationality human beings engage in through artistic practices.

VIBE foregrounds the affective politics of disability and Deafhood, and the potential of research-creation to shift attitudes that subtend discriminatory behaviours in our society. The symposium is an invitation to those working from critical perspectives within disability, Deaf, neurodiversity, mad, illness, crip, race, sexual and other social justice movements to discuss and work through key issues of accessibility, inclusivity, and art. Through performances, research presentations, and roundtables, VIBE will map out new ways of understanding relationships between the arts and Deaf and disability communities. It will explore how the arts and culture can make vital contributions to the transformation of discriminatory attitudes toward Deaf and disabled people.​

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